Our Services

We can help you with different aspects of selling online in China.

From individuals to companies we can provide a customized solution depending on your needs.

Taobao is a very big and complex platform and only available in Chinese. Trade on Taobao has developed a unique Taobao converter tool that can interface between your system, such as Prestashop or Magento, and Taobao. Through API calls your product information and stock can be pushed into Taobao and updated automatically. The process of managing your products and stock (in English) can now be much simpler and more efficient.

China e-commerce market data and research
Looking for China e-commerce market data and want to test your products quickly and cost effectively in the China market, let us help you.

Taobao store set up
We can provide options for you to create your Taobao and Alipay accounts and apply for your store from outside of China.

Taobao store design and layout
From basic to advanced store layouts and customized design we can help you set up your store.

Taobao store maintenance
Keeping your store fresh and updated to the new trends we will help you make the most out of our store.

Taobao Instant Messaging and telephone customer service support
Don’t speak Chinese or no time to do Taobao customer service, our dedicated and professional team can do it for you.

Taobao store ranking assistance
Taobao store ranking is critical to helping maximize search and traffic performance. We can manage or provide strategies to improve your store ranking.

Trade on Taobao product management system
Taobao is completely in Chinese and uploading product descriptions, photos and managing stock levels is time consuming. Our ToT product management tool with its English interface can be integrated with your shopping cart system or used independently to make managing your products in Taobao easier and more efficient saving significant time and efforts!

Product presentation and keywords
Product presentation in Taobao is critical to sales success. Our local experts can help tweak and improve your product display to improve results.

Product information translation
Don’t know Chinese our team can help you with your translation needs.

E-commerce marketing and promotions
Need to build up brand awareness or promote your store and products, especially for the important online shopping festivals, we can provide you with options to meet your budget.

Logistics and warehousing support
Looking for solutions to get your products to customers faster contact us to find out how we can help you fulfillment and logistics needs.

Please contact us for more details about our services!