Opening a Taobao Store

You can create a Taobao account through the Taobao user registration page and go to the Seller tab on your account page to apply to open a Taobao store.

The 7 Steps to Open a Taobao Store

Step 1. Set up Taobao account and register as Seller

Step 2. Connect account to Alipay

Step 3. Complete identification authentication

Step 4. Create store, connect plugins and set up Ali Wang Wang (for Customer Service)

Step 5. Design store

Step 6. Upload products (referred to as "babies")

Step 7. Promote and market store and products

Unfortunately if you do not understand or read Chinese then opening a Taobao store can be complicated because it is only available in Chinese. It is possible to use translation tools to help you open a Taobao account to buy items. But setting up and connecting your Alipay account and trying to open a seller account is not easy. Usually you need to be living in or working through a partner in China.

The Trade on Taobao team can help you to navigate the process and set up your own Taobao store. Alternatively, if you are selling individual or a small number of items or iust want to understand if you products can sell in China then you can simply provide us with your product description and good quality images, and we can do the rest. Contact us to find out how we can help you start selling your products on China's largest e-commerce marketplace.

Why Open a Taobao Store?

Placing your product on Alibaba’s Taobao instantly gives you access to hundreds of millions of new customers. China has one of the highest ratios of e-commerce and digital payment users in the world. It has more online shoppers than USA, UK and Australia combined! Taobao is the go-to online shopping site inside China with nearly 60% of Chinese e-commerce sales.

China is not just the world’s largest online shopping market its also one of the fastest growing and sophisticated Chinese consumers are looking for more products and services from outside China. Taobao will continue to be the #1 choice for Chinese online consumers.

Trade on Taobao can help you sell your products on Taobao and offers expert support on navigating China’s key e-commerce platform.

Open a Store on Taobao.
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